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We are India”s  number one quality insurance  provider that you can manage online or over the phone with a friendly adviser. We believe we offer the best value insurance products for you, your family and any business. Basically, we offer full coverage insurance that meets Your Budget!

The policy provides worldwide cover for up to 90 days in any 12 month period so your items are covered wherever in the world you take them. Please refer to the policy document for more details. 

In order for us to be able to provide insurance for your device, you will need to have purchased the device first hand from a INDIAN manufacturer or retailer. We will not provide cover for any devices that have been purchased from outside the INDIA, or devices that are second hand.

Yes! We now also insure items purchased from online sites ,as long as they are purchased brand new and have Evidence of Ownership that includes the make, model and serial number of the gadget (in your name).

Yes, if they are over 16 they can buy their own insurance, or you can add their phones to a multi device policy.

Your policy will be instantly sent to you via the email address you provide us. Please note that some internet providers may accidentally filter automated e-mails as SPAM so please check your SPAM/junk folder if the e-mail has not received. If you are having trouble accessing your documents and need help, please email us at support@capitalgadgetsecure.com and we will assist you.

Claim process is easy and hassle free , please fill the claim form & let us know the incident asap via mail or call .The easiest way to contact us is to call us on 1800 123 8696 . Lines are open Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm, We will do everything possible to ensure that your query is dealt with promptly. Alternatively, you can email us at Claim@capitalgadgetsecure.com .

We rely on the information you provide to us either online, over the phone or in writing to make decisions about your insurance and any claim. If you do not answer accurately and completely any questions we ask, we might invalidate your insurance and/or we might reject your claim.

No, we only want your gadget to get high-quality repairs, which is why we only use our approved repairers. We also want the ability for us to assess the damage to your gadget in order to best decide whether to repair or replace the gadget

Collecting this number helps us reduce the incidence of insurance fraud – which means we can offer insurance at lower premiums. It also means quicker processing in the event of making a claim

Unlike many other providers, we allow unlimited accidental damage claims for each policy. The number of claims for theft or loss is limited to one per policy period.

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